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We're Knack Creative

(You know, like, ‘they really have a knack for that!’.)

briana snyder and max spang in knack creative's downtown dayton offices
“Don't settle for style. Succeed in substance.”

~ Wynton Marsalis

Style is crucial, but it isn’t enough. You know when you hear that bass line, and for a second you think you’re getting “Under Pressure,” but it turns out to be “Ice, Ice Baby?” Both of those have style, for sure. But “Under Pressure” has substance. It’s timeless.

We make sure our clients are remembered like David Bowie and Queen, not Vanilla Ice.

We are documentarians for businesses and organizations.

We tell stories. We create memorable imagery. We layer the pretty on top of a detailed understanding of you and your organization's mission.

Our Story

Knack was formed in 2015 by life-and-business partners Max Spang and Briana Snyder. They combined their individual years of photo and video experience to be able to offer a full range of visual production. Knack travels all over to tell stories, but is based out of the historic Ludlow Place building in lovely downtown Dayton, Ohio. We are especially passionate about telling the stories of businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities who are dedicated to bettering their communities.

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate and creative people. Here are the core members of the Knack team:

Max Spang

Partner/Video Manager

Max is one of those lucky people who has known what he wanted to do since he was little, and he has been making videos ever since. In the past 12+ years of his professional career, he has produced a wide range of video work, including television commercials, music videos, short films and more. He loves Knack’s office dog, Maggie, a lot. Like, a super lot.

Briana Snyder

Partner/Photography Manager

Briana is obsessed with helping individuals and organizations create expressions that honor their true voice and passions. She formerly owned and managed Confetti, a stationery and gift boutique. In over 12 years as a photographer, she has worked in just about every genre of photography, from years in a mall portrait studio to newspaper photojournalist to high school darkroom instructor. She received her B.A. from the University of Dayton in 2009 and her M.A. in International and Comparative Policies from Wright State University in 2017.

photographer erica goulart in knack creative studio

Erica Goulart

Lead Event Photographer

If you hire Knack to cover your event, you’ll likely get to meet Erica. She graduated from Wright State with B.F.A. in Photography in 2017. Ask her to see her fine art photography work sometime too–it is fantastic.

headshot of stephanie baker in studio 42

Stephanie Baker

Studio Manager/Photography Assistant

Stephanie is a portrait and conceptual photographer.  After finishing her Bachelors at Columbia College Chicago, she continues to explore the unusual and domestic lifestyle through her personal work. When she isn’t taking pictures she enjoys teaching, playing with dogs and riding bikes.

dog portrait in downtown dayton studio


Studio puppy, Executive Cuddler

Maggie has over 3 years of experience going for walks, sleeping, and getting belly scratches. She has no experience with photography or videography, but she works hard to protect Knack Creative from bad energy.

headshot of julie perez in knack creative studio

Julie Perez

Videography Assistant

Julie is a visionary artist and content creator, full of life and creativity. She has a passion for bringing wild ideas to life. Don’t be surprised if you catch her bouncing around the city, capturing moments and embracing the little things in life! She graduated from The Modern Collage of Design with an Associates Degree in Applied Business in Advertising Art.

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