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We are Knack Creative

Documentarians for businesses and organizations.

briana snyder and max spang in knack creative's downtown dayton offices
“Don't settle for style. Succeed in substance.”

~ Wynton Marsalis

The work you do is making an impact, whether it’s for your clients, your community, or for people across the world. But what about your stories? The story of your company’s history, or the story of an event you are hosting, or the story of a family that your organization has impacted - are those being told? We work with you to tell those stories - the world deserves to hear them.

We create impactful work:
Our final products create deep emotional responses, whether it’s for a single showing at an event or something that will live digitally for years to come.

We work lean:
We utilize a small crew of individuals, each working for the same goal of sharing your story in the best light.

We tell stories efficiently:
Our work gets to the heart of the matter and inspires action. Your audience will quickly understand and be inspired by your story.

Our Story

Knack was formed in 2016 by life-and-business partners Max Spang and Briana Snyder. They combined their passion for telling stories visually--Briana as a still photographer and Max as a videographer--to offer cohesive imagery under one roof. They are especially passionate about being able to convey the stories of businesses and non-profit organizations who are dedicated to moving their communities forward. They travel all over the world to document interesting stories, but are grateful to be based out of their cherished hometown, the lovely Dayton, Ohio.

max spang briana snyder knack creative
Who We Are

Max Spang

Partner/Video Manager

At a very early age, Max used a video camera to document his friends and family and hasn’t stopped since. His super power is interviewing people, especially those who think they “are no good on camera,” and allowing for them to share their real, honest story naturally and organically. In the past 12+ years of his professional career, he has produced a wide range of video work, but nothing makes him as happy as producing documentaries and telling true stories of fascinating people.

Briana Snyder

Partner/Photography Manager

In over 12 years as a photographer, Briana has worked in just about every genre of photography. Her favorite moments are when people who thought they weren’t photogenic (or that their office isn’t ‘fancy’ enough, or that their factory is too dirty to photograph) see their final images and say, ‘You made us look so good!’  She received her B.A. from the University of Dayton in 2009 and her M.A. in International and Comparative Policies from Wright State University in 2017, and loves nothing more than when her political interests get to intersect with her passion for storytelling.

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